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Planning a funeral can be overwhelming. It’s a time to farewell someone close to you whilst celebrating their life. A funeral service that’s well written, researched, and delivered with genuine authenticity, passion, and sensitivity can bring great comfort.

As a counsellor, understanding a family’s grief and loss during this time is essential to helping them through this difficult process. It is through this support and understanding that we can piece together a service that is meaningful, reverent, light-hearted when appropriate and humorous when fitting, to help ease the burden of sadness.

Funeral services can take many forms, but are most often held in funeral home chapels. My support to you and your loved ones will include liaising with the funeral home director to ensure the service is well coordinated according to the family’s wishes and runs smoothly.

Some people prefer to conduct the funeral service at the grave site, at home, in a park, or at the beach. Whatever your wish may be, I am happy to be as flexible and accommodating as you need.