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Naming Day Ceremonies

The birth of a child is a delightful, albeit scary occasion for any family. A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate your new child coming into this world.

There are no legal requirements for this ceremony, so you can design a ceremony however you wish. It’s my role to help ensure you design a meaningful ceremony that reflects your values.

You may wish to nominate supporting adults, godparents, or mentors for your child, and there are many ways you could mark this special occasion: a time capsule, tree planting, lighting a candle, releasing butterflies, or a wishing well. In short, the possibilities are endless.

This ceremony is free of all religious connotations; however, a beautiful naming certificate will still be presented during the ceremony as a keepsake.

A naming ceremony can also be celebrated with older children, or even adults if they choose to change their name later in life.